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NT$ 139

【Mm+綠色大地】咖啡因洗髮精 Caffeine Shampoo ( 保濕健髮款 )












Protect your scalp, strengthen your hair roots as well as volumize your hair.

This product is for people who have normal/sensitive scalps, or weak / fine hair.

It can improve the sebum increasing of your scalp, then strengthen your weak hair roots.

You will have volumized and shiny hair after using it.


Amino acid:

This shampoo doesn't contain dimethicone/dimethiconol.

Amino acid is ph 5.5, and it is a weak acid which is similar to our skin's ph value.

Amino acid doesn't make a lot of bubbles while using, but it can take oil away.

Also, it can cleanse your scalp and hair gently without irritation.

Caffeine extract:

We choose the special caffeine extracting skills in Taiwan.

This highly concentrated caffeine is the main ingredient in this shampoo.

Caffeine Extract can activate your scalp, strengthen your hair,

remove excess oil and dirt of your hair and scalp.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil: It is extracted from the kernels of Moroccan Argan trees.

This kind of trees can resist the dry climate in Morocco.

It contains vitamin E, carotene, squalene, a lot of unsaturated fatty acid( Oleic acid and Linoleic acid),

Alpha-tocopherol and Phytosterol.

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil can resist irritations and strengthen your immune system.

Panthenol: It is also known as vitamin B5. It is used as a moisturizer.

For our hair, Panthenol can penetrate into your skin, and moisturize it.

Jojoba oil: It is a kind of liquid gold in oil. It is similar to human sebum structures.

Jojoba Oil can strengthen and protect skin without any burdens.

Also, it is shelf-stable, and can hydrate and moisturize skin.

Mm+ Caffiene Shampoo can relieve the stress of your scalp,

strengthen your hair roots, make your hair healthy, and create a good growing environment for your hair . When you wash your hair, let the shampoo stay on hair for several minutes to make caffeine

go deep into your scalp to repair it. You can have the effect you want after constant using this product.